Oxford Algorithms creates and applies proprietary Machine Learning software solutions to drive smart investment decisions that result in consistent and exceptional returns.

Our team includes technology investors and entrepreneurs with experience in AI software development, in addition to mathematical and financial experts with deep market knowledge and proven track records in successful investment.

Meet the team

Our story

Our founding story is unconventional in the hedge fund world and hinges around the passions of two Oxfordshire entrepreneurs. Dr Mohsen Zadeh-Koochak, and Shirin Dehghan. Their journey commenced during their time at the University of Southampton, where Mohsen was pursuing a Ph.D. in Signal and Image Processing, and Shirin was undertaking her undergraduate degree in Electronics.

Their paths converged as they discovered a mutual fervour for technology and business. This shared enthusiasm led to the establishment of their first company, Arieso, in 2002. Arieso swiftly evolved into a thriving tech enterprise, ultimately culminating in its sale for $85 million in 2013, delivering substantial returns of 5 to 10 times to their investors.

Rather than resting on the laurels of their initial success, Mohsen and Shirin’s passion persisted. Their entrepreneurial spirit and shared commitment to technology and innovation fuelled the inception of Oxford Algorithms, marking the continuation of their journey into the dynamic world of finance and investment. This unique founding story underscores the intersection of technology, business acumen, and a relentless pursuit of shared passions that define the ethos of our hedge fund.

Mohsen has spent many years investigating the application of AI; specifically as applied to solving complex multifaceted problems. He was CTO and CSO at Arieso where complex mathematical modelling and the application of AI was used to manage self-learning mobile networks. Collecting billions of data gathered in real-time from subscriber handsets, behaviours were identified using AI, and the network was conditioned to best serve the customer base as a whole maximizing the quality of service for all. Mohsen’s love for predicting the unpredictable started with his research in this field whilst completing his PhD and led to the publication of a book detailing successful card counting strategies for blackjack – so successful were his methods that they ultimately resulted in him being barred from all UK casinos. More recently though, Mohsen turned and tuned his algorithms towards successfully predicting the outcome of matches in over 30 football leagues.

Mohsen set out to find out if the algorithms he had developed for predicting mobile networks and sporting outcomes could be used to forecast the markets. He sought guidance from an invaluable source, his neighbour Andrew Davisson. With a wealth of experience as a discretionary trader spanning over thirty years, Andrew generously shared his knowledge and time, becoming a crucial mentor in Mohsen’s journey. Through this Mohsen gained insights into the intricacies of financial markets, acquiring the necessary skills to refine his ideas and algorithms for application in the dynamic and complex world of market forecasting. After three years of hard work and development, it transpired that not only could the algorithms predict market movements, but they were forecasting what looked like industry-leading returns. When Shirin learned how unique and successful the algorithms were she realised this cottage industry idea could be transformed into a commercial mansion, and she set about building a team capable of bringing it to market.

The team at Oxford Algorithms experienced significant expansion with the addition of key individuals who brought diverse and invaluable expertise. In 2020, Professor Rama Cont joined, contributing academic rigor and the latest research in financial mathematics. His wealth of knowledge enhanced the team’s theoretical foundation.

Following Professor Cont, James Orbell became a valuable member. With previous experience as the Head of Aberdeen FoF, overseeing a multi-billion-dollar fund that invested in numerous quant and discretionary hedge funds, James brought extensive industry insight and strategic acumen to the team. Mobin joined the team as a key and experienced full-stack developer. His role was pivotal in transforming the visualization capability and optimization of the data/server management aspects of the company. Leveraging his expertise, Mobin played a crucial role in enhancing the technological infrastructure of Oxford Algorithms, contributing to its efficiency and adaptability in the rapidly evolving field of financial technology.

Furthermore, Shirin strategically enlisted Shahram, a seasoned professional with extensive commercial experience in developing quant strategies. Shahram’s noteworthy background, including his prior role as VP of Quant Trading at a prominent bank, underscored his deep expertise in the intricacies of quantitative finance. The addition of Shahram significantly strengthened Oxford Algorithms by bringing aboard a key player with a wealth of knowledge and experience, particularly crucial for navigating the complexities of the financial technology landscape.

On the regulatory and commercial side, Shirin was strategic in building a robust and experienced team. She brought on board Patrick Dowling as a consultant CFO, leveraging their close collaboration developed over many years at Opensignal. Patrick’s financial expertise and shared history with Shirin added a valuable layer of experience to the team, particularly in managing the fund’s financial aspects and contributing to the strategic vision of the company.

Meet the full team.

Our approach

What sets Oxford Algorithms apart from the crowd is its unique combination of deep AI and investment expertise, combined with a zealous focus on producing exceptional and risk adjusted returns.

The financial markets team at Oxford Algorithms develops investment strategies using rigorous, research-led, methodologies. Data is the centre-piece of this process and is carefully analysed and tested for usefulness within those investment strategies.

The algorithms have been developed and refined over a number of years. Based on proprietary machine learning methods, the algorithms continually learn from new market data.

Real-time automation is the key to ensuring data from multiple sources is collected and fed into the algorithms. This results in an investment decision being made to either hold a position or redistribute funds to the investment instruments that are forecast to produce the best risk-adjusted returns.

All Oxford Algorithms products undergo a rigorous and thorough release process focusing on the quality of predictions made whilst managing the overall exposure and risk. Crucially, the investment decisions taken by the algorithms have produced verified and reliable results.

While Oxford Algorithms is focused on delivering returns, it is also focused on building long-term sustainable success as a technology company. A significant portion of the AUM is contributed by the founders themselves who view the long-term success of Oxford Algorithms as the number one priority.

Our company and employees abide by a clear set of principles set out in the Oxford Algorithms Investment Charter.

  • Transparency: we believe greater transparency will encourage trust and progress. We will deliver both good and bad news with detailed explanations under our transparency charter.
  • No conflict of interest: Employees or executives of the business are allowed to use the results of Oxford Algorithms only by formally investing in the fund. The company policy does not allow personal trading.
  • Performance first: we will not increase AUM unless we can demonstrate to our board that we can deliver the same quality of performance to our investors in the fund.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: as a firm, we are committed to the highest standard actively encouraging a strong culture of making a positive impact internally and externally.

Our culture

We are a family of dedicated individuals who have come together to create a business that everyone is excited to be part of and those who are not, covet to join.

We aim to ensure everyone is treated fairly and with respect, providing a collaborative and challenging working environment in which equal opportunities are provided to all and achievement is fairly rewarded regardless of gender, race, religion, sexuality, or social background.

We want everyone to share in the success of the company both in the short and long term. We operate a transparent environment, where we provide the underlying information used to decide on employee salary levels and bonuses.

Our values

At the heart of everything we do are a set of core values. These values define who we are and how we engage and interact, not only with our clients and each other, but also with our business partners, the local community, the environment, and society at large.

Client Focused – We strive to achieve extraordinary outcomes for our clients and make sure they are fully supported and delighted with us even when things are not going well.

Respect – At Oxford Algorithms respect for each other and our clients is a non-negotiable value that we all take very seriously. We are open and welcoming of new ideas and differing points of view, and always welcome constructive feedback.

Fairness – It is essential that people are treated fairly and feel rewarded for their contribution and length of service with the company.

Integrity – Being honest with ourselves and our clients is the number one rule of any business if it is to build an impeccable reputation, where employees are proud to be part of and clients are delighted to be doing business with.